Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tips To Improve Battery Life Of OnePlus 5

In this article we are giving you some tips to improve battery life of oneplus 5. These tips also works for unrooted oneplus 5 so don't worry about that just follow the tips which are given below and save battery of oneplus 5. you don't need any 3rd party software or app to save the battery of oneplus 5. We are just telling you the tips which can you do in your phone settings. So lets get started to how to save battery life of oneplus 5 or tips to improve battery life of oneplus 5 both :D

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How To Improve Battery Life Of OnePlus 5

  1. Google Play Store > Settings > Do not Auto update app 
  2. Turn off Notification > Apps were Auto Updated
  3. Chrome > Settings > Data Saver On
  4. Turn Off Google Now / Assistant (I use them seldom)
  5. Settings > Google > Search > Voice > Disable OK Google Detection
  6. Settings > Google > Search > Disable Your Feed
  7. Settings > Wi-Fi > Settings > Switch Off > Smart Wifi Switcher, Scanning Always & Network Notification
  8. Settings > Location > Scanning > Turn off WiFi & Bluetooth Scanning
  9. Bluetooth, GPS, NFC (Turn off only when needed)
  10. Disable Gestures that you don't use (The more the better)
  11. Disable Adaptive Brightness
  12. Enable Doze Mode from Developer Options and Activate Advanced Optimizations 
  13. Under Developer Options Enable App WLAN Multi/Broadcastting Filter
  14. Enable Force GPU Rendering
  15. Set Window and Transition scale to 0.5
  16. Settings > Backup & Reset > Turn Off Backup My Data (Reduces Android System Drain)
  17. Settings > Advance > Recent App Management > Normal Clear
  18. You may also Disable Auto Sync & Turn on when needed (Optional depending on requirement)
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So guys these are some battery saving tips for oneplus 5. If you like this article please share it with your friends. we will share some more Tips To Improve Battery Life Of OnePlus 5 in our next articles.

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